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Making You Feel Better


I offer short term therapy using skills and techniques such as acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness based CBT and brief psychotherapy. 


I am highly experienced in offering one off sessions. Single sessions utilise solution focused-brief therapy and positive psychology. 


Sessions with me can be frequent or infrequent. Many issues that are standalone can be greatly improved through single session therapy or short term therapy


I'm trained in motivational interviewing and utilise psychological education to empower my clients to find rapid transformation. Even long-held trauma and anxiety can be tackled in accelerated inner child / parts  work.  


Self Soothing through Play

Sandplay for adults is a wonderful tool for deep healing and transformation. It helps with self-soothing, and emotional regulation. It can also assist individuals to release long held patterns and trauma. 

The process works largely on an unconscious level, and with what Jung calls the Inner Child. By selecting which items and objects to put in the sand, your brain gets a chance to move to more positive internal patterns, and an opportunity to create a waking dream. I am now using online sandplay!


Exploring Your Inner Life

Dreams can tell us things that we aren't even fully aware of. By entering into some dream work together, we can begin to connect with your internal wisdom. Sometimes the issues and problems that are known to us on the surface, are only the tip of the iceberg. Dream analysis, is a peaceful, and self-regulated psychotherapy approach to working through difficulties you may be facing.



A happier, healthier you

Developing more space inside can help you feel centred, calm and less reactive to your daily stresses. Mindfulness is the simple act of observing the mind, and its constant trickle of thoughts. This permits us to occupy a deeper awareness, and leaves us less likely to identify with all of our thoughts. By helping you to develop a mindful practice, you will regain freedom, and more confidence over your life.



A pocket of peace

Guided visualisation allows me to lead you into a different place, where you can relax, slow your brain down, empty your thoughts, and get into a healthier feeling state. Learning how to easily move yourself out of a stressed state, into a more positive space is a useful tool. I may use

some of these techniques with you in our sessions. It can also really assist with anxiety, and healing from trauma.


Re-framing unhelpful patterns 

Creating awareness about your thinking processes can really help you to get control over how you feel. By exploring, and challenging various negative, and limited thinking patterns, and core beliefs, we can develop more room for positive change. CBT and TA can assist us in developing new ideas about yourself and your world and help you gain control over reactive thinking. Shining a light on your inner processes, allows us to foster new ways of speaking to yourself, and therefore shifting your emotions. 


Giving a voice to all parts of you

There are times in life, where our feelings have been suppressed, or not dealt with for so long, that they clog up, and this can cause a great burden. As a qualified counsellor I often use active imagination, which is a combination of dream work, and visualisation, I can guide you toward releasing all of those stones you have been holding onto. Through use of symbol, and metaphor, in a deeply relaxed state, you can talk freely and connect with all your inner selves and unheard parts that want a voice.

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