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Online Therapy Sessions

Global Online Sessions from the Comfort of Your Home 

I offer psychotherapy sessions in my online therapy room.  Sessions are 50 minutes. 

Safety, openness, and trust are the backbone of the therapeutic relationship and during the pandemic I went fully online, not wanting to take any risks with the wellbeing of my clients. Having already been working with different online therapy formats with clients from the start of 2019 - I came to love the power of remote therapy so much that I entered a formal training and became a senior ACTO level 2 registered member. I remain a fully remote therapist.


 Although I have worked with embodied therapies such as sand play, I am also aware of the power of online work and I have found more and more ways to build my toolkit and get creative online with clients. Of course, there are always pros and cons, such as the occasional technological glitch, or not getting the chance to leave your environment, yet I find the positives often out weight these.  

We may view the screen as a barrier at first, yet sometimes we respond in a relaxed  way in our sessions because we have a protective screen and can be free and easy in our environment, the therapeutic connection can go quite deep because of this. 

During your session I'm still able to share analytical work with you, by using the share screen, and sending information sheets online. I also continue to offer guided visualisations. I have my own online sandplay tool for inner child work, and the capacity to do interactive psychological explorations with zoom whiteboard or 3D paint. 

Online therapy may not be the same for everyone, and meeting online can bring up concerns around privacy along with other feelings. Therefore it's beneficial to consider these issues ahead of time and whether online therapy is for you.  

When you arrive at the online therapy room, you can knock to enter at your session time. It's easy to connect because it's simply located by entering my private webpage. You have the option to join on any device, such as a smart phone, tablet or computer. It's an encrypted site, and of course your session remains 100% confidential.

To find out more about embarking on a therapy journey with me, email me to find out if I have any current openings.  

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