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Helping you to transform, through your life challenges

I’m a fully qualified psychotherapist based in the U.K. working globally, online.

I am here to guide you through life’s most complex and difficult matters. As an integrative therapist, I'm able to pull in many techniques and skills to aid you, with where you currently find yourself. I truly care about your well-being and promise my patients top of the line counselling and psychotherapy services

Before I trained as a psychotherapist, I worked in the public and charity sectors, within the education field. I have been involved in teaching and training, children and adults, in schools, colleges, and through environmental, and government run projects in various employments. Always at the heart of every job role, there was a natural tendency for people to open up to me. I became aware that it was the psychology of people that ultimately made me most intrigued and fired-up.

After this, somewhat subconscious traversing into the world of health, I took training in a number of healing disciplines around the world, exploring sound therapy, meditation, guided visualisation and energetic healing. I became trained in a number of disciplines and started leading workshops and courses for wellbeing in 2009

The year prior to starting my self-employed business, I began my formal psychology training in London, through a Masters Qualification with Middlesex University in Psychotherapy. That chapter was an intense period, of facilitating, and completing my own inner healing, and an entry into doing this with others.

Since completing my M.A. in 2011, I've continued to bridge the science with the more subtle healing arts where I can and I have been privileged to provide a number of therapy services to patients overcoming challenging life experiences. I have also had experience working with the major mental health organisation, Mind as a volunteer and as a Play Therapist at A Place 2 Be with children ages 5-11. 

Within the last four years, alongside my private practice, I have been working for various mental health companies as a global online therapist. Firstly at Spill from 2019, and more recently at Kyan Health. In these roles I provide work place therapy for individuals in over 15 countries and this has been in the form of a variety of digital therapy methods, both asynchronous and synchronous. I have had three years experience in providing text-based message therapy, audio and video therapy and am able to build strong, often long-lasting relationships with people online. I have also spent time freelancing as an online therapist for one of the largest online therapy providers for members of the public, at BetterHelp.

My passion is for people to be able to access quality, life changing psychological support and personal development, anywhere in the world, through the touch of a button. I am particularly zealous about workplaces offering these services to their employees and ensuring it’s being utilised. This has opened up opportunities for me to be involved in company launches, giving talks on subjects of a psychological nature and supporting teams in guided conversations on mental health topics.

Recently I’ve been involved in additional role, where I assist with therapy engagement by reaching out through bespoke therapeutic messages to encourage people to act on the feeling data that I triage through their companies mental health check-ins.  


Your well-being is my number one priority. I work with people with wide ranging aims, from wanting to overcome anxiety and depression to moving through complex PTSD. I assist folks heavily with tackling burnout and life crash, including giving support to you when you are feeling lost or in limbo. I meet you wherever you are with both solution based practical therapy and more explorative emotional strategies.

Your inner self, awaits your journey back home.

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